Welcome and thanks for visiting the Yellow Paw Cafe.  Created by Jessica Reelfs the Yellow Paw Cafe is truly dedicated to serving you and your dog on your journey to becoming healthier, happier, and well fed. 

Two years in the making, the Yellow Paw Cafe feels confident our treats and products will serve you well.  Each of our treats have been tested on willing pups who gave our treats, "Two Paws Up!"   Nutritional requirements for canines were researched and then applied to our treat recipes to guarantee your dog is getting the best possible nutrition coupled with great taste.

The real reason we have put so much time and effort into this business is on a personal level.   After a life-threatening allergic reaction, we were told our dog , Saki, is allergic to certain manufactured foods.  He had such a severe reaction (below right), we were told he may have certain lasting side effects.  Saki now suffers from seizures.

After researching, we discovered dogs can eat almost all of the foods we do, especially fresh foods.  In fact, we found dogs thrive on natural, fresh diets more than manufactured foods.  Similar to humans, dogs cannot adequately process preservatives, additives, and other things that are in manufactured food and treats.

We researched dog health needs and discovered manufactured treats contain many ingredients that are not legally consumable by humans.  It started to fit together.  If I can't eat it, why should I feed it to my dog?  It's no surprise our dog, Saki, had a reaction to manufactured dog food when they contain so much junk.  This is how the Yellow Paw Cafe began.  Saki needed a special diet.  We began researching, testing, and experimenting.  We came up with some recipes that catered to Saki's needs and found he loved them.  In fact, we used these treats to make it through the puppy training months.


Since we began feeding Saki healthy, all-natural treats, we have noticed a huge difference in his energy level and seizure incidents.  He has not had any seizures for over a year, his coat looks and feels great, he no longer has digestion problems, his breath smells as good as any dog's, and he just seems happier.  We now take him everywhere we go.  He boats, swims, hikes and carries his own pack (left), camps, and goes to friends and families homes.  We are certain it is due to the change in his diet and we will never go back.  He is healthier which in turn, leads to happier. 

A happy dog is a happy owner.