Tender Chews

Tired of smelling your dog's stinky breath?  Breath biscuits are a great alternative to manufactured breath buster treats as they provide a natural remedy that works with your dog's digestive system to permanently improve bad breath.  These treats are loaded with fresh parsley and mint to take away the sting of your dog's breath.  To top it off, Breath Biscuits provide your dog with essential elements to aid in digestion, circulation, and overall body function.

         ingredients:  egg, parsley, mint, whole wheat flour, canola oil, skim milk




  • Parsley contains high levels of beta carotene, vitamin B12, chlorophyll, calcium, and more vitamin C than citrus fruits. Parsley aids digestion, supports the liver, kidneys and adrenal glands, purifies blood and body fluids and gives your dog's body an immune booster by aiding in defensive mechanisms. 
  • Vitamin C reduces arterial aging & prevents plaque buildup on blood vessels, , promotes healing & reduction of inflammation, and helps repair joint injuries.
  • Fresh mint is a natural remedy for bad breath.  Instead of buying manufactured dog treats that claim to freshen your dog's breath, use an all natural remedy that works with your dog's digestive system to rid of the problem, not just cover it up temporarily. 
  •  Eggs and canola oil provide your dog with essential elements for a soft and healthy coat. 
  • Skim milk gives your dog a boost of calcium.  Calcium is needed by every organ in your dog's body and will help encourage strong bones, teeth, and gums. 

approximately size:  i inch heart

1 Dozen - $ 5.99

2 Dozen - $ 7.99

3 Dozen - $ 9.99 

4 Dozen - $ 10.99