It is so important these days to watch what we put into our bodies.  Many foods, medicines, and even hygiene products contain products that are unhealthy for us.  Our foods are containing more preservatives and additives.  Our water is getting more polluted.  Our bodies are constantly being challenged to stay healthy.  Why is it different for your dog?

  Commercial dog food and treats are taxing on your dog's systems, for a number of reasons.  To keep these foods fresh, dog food companies remove as much moisture as possible, baking it under extremely high temperatures.  During this process, the naturally occurring enzymes, nutrients, and antioxidants that are vital for your dog's health are literally cooked away.  The dog food companies then add back the additives to compensate for lost nutrients, and spray food with flavor enhancers to make it more pleasing to dogs.  Additionally, they add products to preserve shelf life.  A dog's body must work extremely hard to extract the, already limited, important nutrients, such as protein. 

Consider also the quality of ingredients that go into commercial dog treats and food.  Many commercial dog food companies are not in business solely to make dog treats and food.  Most of the major dog food companies are subsidiaries of larger companies that make the food we eat.  For example, Nestle owns Purina, Colgate-Palmolive is the parent company of Science Diet, Procter & Gamble owns Eukanuba & Iams and the list goes on.  When these companies make a human food product, there are byproducts not fit for consumption.*  These companies make more money by using the unwanted and unhealthy products for dog food.  Many times, the meat used in dog food is from diseased animals, road kill, and/or euthanized animals.  Although companies say they do not use the these sources, it is actually perfectly legal for them to do so.  Take a look for yourself...the nutritional labels on dog products do not state where or what quality of ingredients used.  Again, it is legal to do so.  However, remember, many of the ingredients used in your dog's food are not fit for human consumption. In fact, many times these ingredients are deemed inconsumable.  Government standards allow the following products to be added to your dog food: 

ligaments, tendons, feathers, beaks, hooves, and rotted carcasses

Be careful of certain products that contain the word "meal" or "digest" in their ingredients. Many times it can mean a variation of the products mentioned above. 

Another important issue, most people assume the amount of protein in the product equals the amount of protein your dog gets.  This is UNTRUE.  You dog's body can only process/digest certain proteins.  Hooves, tendons, etc are not digestible proteins even though it is included on the label.  Hence, it is legally stated your dog's food has a healthy amount of protein while it truly does not.   

Remember, your dog does not know the ingredients it is consuming.  A dog eats what smells good.  If your dog's food is disguised with flavor enhancers, he will eat it.   However, just because it smells good doesn't mean his body will believe it's healthy.


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