Welcome to the Yellow Paw Cafe, where we are dedicated to serving you and your dog on your way to becoming healthier, happier, and well fed.

The Yellow Paw Cafe offers homemade Dog Treats, Dog Services, Merchandise, and Gift Baskets

Our ingredients and preparation methods are superior to manufactured dog products.  Your dog will agree that you are feeding the best pet treats available!  


 Dog Boarding 

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Why the Yellow Paw Cafe is the best for you and your dog:

  • 100 % Natural & Fresh ingredients (from your local health food store)
  • Oven baked
  • Taste great to dogs
  • 100% usable energy
  • for maximum nutrition
  • 100% Digestible
  • No by-products, chemical Preservatives, additives, dyes, or flavor enhancers
  • Formulated specifically for your dog's health needs
  • Made fresh every order
  • Made in our kitchen, not mass produced