Jessica Reelfs, Founder & Owner

The Yellow Paw Cafe was started after Jessica and her husband, David, discovered their puppy, Saki, had an allergy to manufactured food.  Avid animal lovers, Jessica and David decided it was their responsibility to make sure Saki was receiving foods he could consume while getting the best possible nutrition. 











Jessica holds a degree in Wildlife Biology and currently works at a  local zoo and nature center.  Her career choice is a perfect fit for this animal lover as she works with animals on a daily basis.  Jessica has known from a very young age that she has a special love and connection with animals. 




Jessica and Saki have a wonderful relationship.  They are best friends and love being around each other.  Jessica states, "He is part of the family and treated with more love than I have to give.  He is my inspiration and makes any bad day seem brighter.  I swear, he understands what I'm saying."