Tender Chews

These treats are practically irresistible to dogs.  They serve as excellent training treats or just as a healthy snack.  Liver Bits are great for dogs with high blood pressure, impaired immune systems, gastrointestinal problems, bone defeciencies such as arthritis or dysplasia, and/or dogs prone to ticks/fleas and intestinal parasites.   Liver Bits are excellent treats for city dogs who are faced with pollution, fertilizers, and tainted water.  They have antioxidant effects and can be given as a treat or as a meal substitute.   ingredients:  cornmeal, eggshell powder, fresh garlic, liver, wheat germ, whole wheat flour




  • Wheat germ provides a great source of vitamin E which helps your dog fight disease, preserves and protects your dog's vitamin A, and minimizes the effects of pollution. 
  • Eggshell powder provides high calcium, phosphorus, and trace minerals.  Great for large breeds and those prone to hip dysplasia, arthritis, and other bone deficiencies.  Calcium is needed by every organ of the body and helps regulate metabolism.   It aids in the healing of wounds and provides strength, longevity, and healthy teeth & gums.
  • Fresh garlic helps prevent fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites while improving your dog's coat.
  • Fresh garlic reduces free radicals that can cause cancer and heart disease.  This herb lowers blood pressure , improves circulation, stimulates the immune system, and reduces fatigue. Garlic is also shown to improve digestion and reduce gastrointestinal upsets.
  • These treats can be fed to your dog several times a day

approximate size:  1/2 (3/4) inch x 1/2 (3/4) inch x 1/2 (3/4) inch



  •  1 Dozen Liver Bits for $4.99


  • 2 Dozen Liver Bits for 6.99


  • 3 Dozen Liver Bits for $8.99


  • 4 Dozen Liver Bits for $10.99