Dog Pad Balm Paw Wax


Dog Pad Balm (2 oz)

  Following Yellow Paw Cafe's standards, this product uses all natural ingredients including lavender essential oil, beeswax, jojoba oil, and coconut oil.  Gently apply this thick moisturizing balm to protect pads from cracking and extreme weather or after a bath or nail trim to ensure your dog's pads stay supple.

Price:  $9.99



All Natural Doggie Soap Bar (8.5 oz)

These preservative and detergent free natural dog shampoo bars are made with real glycerin soap, and are embossed with a paw print. Moisture rich base is great for sensitive dog skin and provides a thick lather that rinses easily. Dogs with dry skin or allergies may find relief from these natural shampoo bars. Just hold the bar in your hand and scrub away.  Doggie Soap bars in Lavender fragrance and include reusable bag. 

Price:  $ 9.99


All Natural Puppy Shampoo Bar (3.5 oz)

 Puppy Shampoo Bars are unscented, all natural and preservative and detergent free.
These bars are popular because they are easy to use and an excellent value. The round shapes fit in your hand well and allow you to hold and wash your puppy at the same time. 
Dogs with dry skin or allergies may find relief from these natural shampoo bars!

Price:  $8.99


 Natural Dog Perfume

 Natural Dog Perfume is a chemical and alcohol-free way to freshen your dog's coat, making that special dog smell like he just had a bath.  Dog Perfume incorporates all natural ingredients including jojoba oil and apple cider vinegar to balance your dog's skin.
Each bottle contains hundreds of mists.  Dog perfume comes in lavender

Price:  $7.99


Tearless Dog Shampoo

Tearless Dog Shampoo (16 oz)

This special dog shampoo is formulated with mild, naturally derived surfactants that are gentler on the eyes than our natural soap based blend. It is also wonderful for dogs with thick coats as it generates a good amount of lather. 

This shampoo is so thick and concentrated that we recommend  diluting before use with warm water.

 price:    $19.99 each


Doggie Banks

Terra cotta ceramic.  3 x 4 inches. Hand Painted.  Removable plug on underside.  Money not included.  Assorted dogs.

 price:    $9.99 each



Dog Days Journal

120 pages.  Hard, durable cover.   Created by Dog Days Inc.  Dog images on all pages. 

price:     $7.99 each


Small Dog Collar

Durable. Adjustable. Nylon.  Size:  9/16 x 12-16 inches.  Multiple colors.  Identification tag hook. Easy release fastener.  Great starter collar for puppies and other small dogs. 

price:  $3.99 each



Plush Doggie Bookmarks

 Plush faces and paws.  11 inches long with satin ribbon.  Assorted dogs.

 price:  $3.99 each