A Tired Dog is a Happy Dog.  A Happy Dog is a Happy Owner.

Going out of town?  Having surgery? Family reunion at your house and your dog can't stay?  Want to take a trip on short notice but don't because you feel bad leaving your dog?  The Yellow Paw Cafe offers a wonderful boarding service to stimulate your dog's mind, body, and heart. 

If your dog doesn't like the kennel and you have no one to care for your dog, consider boarding your pooch at our residence.  This is a great alternative for dogs who have separation anxiety, special needs, and/or puppies.  When you board your dog at a "kennel" he is restricted to a cage with or without a cement run.  He may get out 2-3 times a day but only for 15 minutes at a time. They do not interact with other dogs.  This means, your dog is kenneled almost the entire day and night. They are also forced to soil their living quarters.  They don't get enough personal attention and can feel lonely. 

We provide an experience your dog will love!  Your dog will get loving attention, lots of exercise, play time, Yellow Paw treats, a companion friend, and will truly feel like part of the family. 

 Dog Boarding 

$40.00 per day

Prices are per dog.   Please schedule in advance.  To hold a date, please contact us

The Yellow Paw Cafe can also provide transportation to/from certain areas of the Twin Cities.  For further details, contact the Yellow Paw Cafe.

The Yellow Paw Cafe is proud to offer personal dog sitting and walking in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.  The Yellow Paw Cafe provides a pet sitting service to suit your personal needs from vacation to disability to just needing to get your dog some stimulating exercise.  Visits are offered in 1/2 hour increments and include a walk and clean-up, personal attention time, Yellow Paw treats, mail retrieval (out-of-town service) scheduled feedings (out-of-town service), and a message to you regarding the visit. 

 Dog Walking      $20.00

The Yellow Paw Cafe serves the northeast metro area.  Travel greater than 10 miles is an additional fee unless multiple customers exist in the same area.   Special offers given to clients scheduling 4 or more visits per week.


The Yellow Paw Cafe reserves the right to refuse service.