Saki is a 2 year old Yellow Lab.  He is the inspiration for the company name Yellow Paw Cafe and very proud of this.  Saki is an extremely active lab who keeps us busy all hours of the day.  He has led an interesting life up to this point.  He has traveled to northern Minnesota, Iowa, and Montana.  He has been to drive-in movies, camping on the St. Croix River, hunting in Montana, boating in Minnesota, and to his favorite place, the dog park.  Saki enjoys anything involving people, dogs, outdoors, and food.  He has some interesting tricks which he enjoys performing for a tasty Yellow Paw treat. 

Saki was hospitalized for a severe allergic reaction to manufactured dog food.  This incident almost cost him his life and has left him with sporadic seizures that he will probably have for life.  You can see how swollen his face was from the reaction.  His eyelids weren't even touching his eyes and his lips were rock-solid.  He was so sad to look at but thankfully, the swelling quickly went away.





 Welcome home Saki.  Saki's first day home meeting one of our cats, Guinness.
















Saki's first time playing in the water.  A bit confused, he thought the water was his bathroom.  





Saki (right) with two of his friends, Diva (left), and Gypsy (Middle).