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 We would love to meet your dog.  Submit photo and caption here or email jess@yellowpawcafe.com.  Feel free to share your dog's favorite tricks, activities, funny stories, age, location, or more.  All dogs welcome!



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pictured with Saki (right)



Rayne (right)

pictured with Saki (left, resident dog) at the dog park


Tucker (a.k.a. "Tuck-wild") is technically a "golden lab" and was born on Sept. 5, 2006.  At the time of his first pheasant "hunt", Tucker was 9 weeks old and weighed just over 8 pounds.  After about an hour of battling the 'tall stuff', he needed to curl up in his gear backpack for a well-deserved rest on the journey back to the truck.  Living in Spicer, MN, Tucker has years of swimming in the lake, trail walking, mornings in the duck blind, and afternoons of chasing rooster pheasants through the prairie ahead of him!!!


It is important to us when we travel to have a “home away from home” where we can board our four-legged family members. Yellow Paw Café is just that! Thanks YPC for the great care you provide!!

(pictured: Saki – resident dog; Cooper – St. Bernard)

~Paul & Chris -Mahtomedi


Ramona & Homer




Hi!  My name is Arizona and I LOVE coming to Yellow Paw!  Saki is one of my best friends and I am always good and tired by the time I go home to my Mom and Dad after playing so much!  I love going to the dog park and laying on your lap on the couch!  Wanna play??



Dora is a chocolate brown labradoodle. She is about 15 months old in this picture and is still very full of puppy energy (despite her relaxed look in the picture). She likes to play with other dogs and with people. She is always up for some stick or tennis ball retrieving or a good game of hide and seek. She also likes a scratch behind the ears or a nice tummy rub.




Emi is a 1.5 year old Shiba Inu. She loves every dog, but is a little shy with strangers. Being a Shiba Inu, Emi thinks everything is hers. She brings out rough play in the most docile of dogs. Emi weighs approx. 23lbs, yet bosses around Colby a 75lb golden. She insists on throwing items at you, rather than dropping them at your feet. If you don't pay attention to her, she will launch one of her toys at your face.



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