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ChiCha is a petite pit bull.  She loves to run along the fence with the neighbor's dog and play tug-of-war with a rope.  She has a few friends around the neighborhood that she loves to have come over and scratch her belly.  ChiCha can run extremely fast and is very fit.  She is five years old and lives in a suburb of St. Paul. 




Max is a 7 year old yellow lab.  Max is a wonderfully good natured dog who loves other dogs, kids, people, and his 3 kitty friends he lives with.  All of the neighbors love when he visits and constantly ask if he can come out and play.  Max loves beer and will bring his bowl over to anyone drinking a beer to beg for a sip.




This is our tiny little Diva.  She is a purebred Yellow Lab but came out white and as small as can be.  Perfect. Don't let her size fool you though, she's as tough as they come!  She is gentle and sweet but not around feeding time.  Make sure to get your hand out of the way as she likes to eat and she doesn't chew her food...just swallows. 




These are pictures of my new baby Mr. Pugsley Duke Jenkins. He is now 6 months and full of energy. The first picture is of Pugsley when he was 3 months out in his first big snowfall and the second is him trying to figure out who is at the door. I hope you like them.




His name is Boomer as in Boomer-Ang, and he is an Australian Shepherd.  He is almost 9 months.   I love him more than I ever would have thought possible!  I am such a geeky mom... I don't go anywhere without him, except work... and that is not by choice.  -Janelle 




This is Toby.  This is a picture from his very first ice fishing trip-he just sat there staring into the hole, waiting for something to happen.  He  just loves to play with every dog that comes even remotely close to him.  He's about a year old and the vets think he is a husky/german shephard/rottweiler/possibly lab mix.  I call him my wondermutt. He's wonderfully mellow, and loves both kids and cats.  His favorite trick is just rolling over to let you pet his belly-he'll fall asleep on his back if you keep petting him!  



Rambo & Rocky

Rambo (left) and Rocky (Right) are Rat Terrier brothers.  They are full of energy and pretty much do anything to keep themselves entertained.  They are 9 months old and live in White Bear Lake. 




This is Chaos.  Hes a Black lab, greyhound, border collie mix.  Hes almost 5 years old and love to chase tennis balls and anything else you can throw.  Hes fast on his feet and loves his un-furry brother Nick (whos 3, and human).  He cant wait to taste the yummy treats we just ordered.  Maybe well see you at one of the dog parks in St. Paul.




Dario recently had his haircut and assumes he can resume his place on the couch now-as seen here.  He is a 6 yr old Brittany, who lives in Wyoming with 3 other Brittanys in our household.  The fur has been flyin' lately, hence the scalping they've received in chilly February.  I don't think he's suffering too much though.  He has become alot more snuggly...maybe he's cold?  -- Halley & Brian S.




Ivy lives in New Brighton and she's  1 1/2 in the picture.  She is a chocolate lab (obviously) and she has more energy than she knows what to do with (She gets running so fast that her legs are working faster than her mind and she'll crash and burn).   Her all time favorite game is Frisbee (she especially likes when Dad throws it over the fence and she has to run around the house to get it and bring it back to him - I think she feels real independent :).   Our favorite things to do with her: cuddle, tricks, watch her and Kobe (seen left) play constantly.  They love to give each other kisses.  -Jim & Kristen K.



Cuddles & Snuggles

Cuddles (left) is a 10 year old Boxer given to her owner from a friend's litter.  Snuggles (right) is a Lab, Golden Retriever mix.   Snuggles is 7 years old.  Cuddles and Snuggs love to spend time with their mom on her bed.   They love to eat, whine, and run along the fence with the neighbor's dog.  Cuddles loves to give kisses and Snuggs of course, loves to snuggle.        -Dawn R. 


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